[xmonad] Config feature poll (to use in future documentation/advertising)

Ismael Carnales icarnales at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 14:26:00 EDT 2009

What's the most interesting/practical feature that you have configured in
your xmonad?

What's the thing that you miss most when using your xmonad config?

I'll start.

For me definitively is the UrgencyHook, combined with DzezUrgency and
UrgentPP (thanks asgaroth)

With the Notifications you've got a messaging framework, anyone chats you on
a pidgin window , you get notified and a shortcut to fly directly to that
window (Message Notifications plugin), set the Bell on term and you got your
IMAP mutt telling of new mails, even vim says 'i'm here!', combining the
dzenFlashingBar with a different coloring of the workspace (for when you are
not in front of the computer) makes it hard to miss anything new.

The other thinguie, LayoutModifiers, withIM keeps my contact window fully
open in my IM workspace and with combinators i use two different layouts to
arrange pidgin windows and IRC windows, a dwm Grid when they're a few and a
tabbed layout when i have to focus in one, someone talks you, the tab gets
colored, you won't have to use pesky tabs in pidgin anymore, you keep
navigating your IM windows with the same shortcuts of ever.

(I'm in the search for a multiwindow CLI irc client :)

In this moment the only thing i'm missing is an inteligent launcher that
will present me my most used programs and map them to my home row on the
keyboard, and that support searching (narrowing the selection) and passing
arguments, but i'm fine with ShellPrompt altough I hate tabbing for the
options, I think it would be better to create a floating window with more
accesible navigation, like gridselect but for programs.


P.S: if you use xmonad teamed with another DE, plz explain what keeps you
from going full xmonad solo (maybe we can pack some good software and make a
live-cd with some xmonad-desktop examples)
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