[xmonad] Newbie Focus Question

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Tue May 27 18:50:11 EDT 2008

> XMonad Enthusiasts,
> If one has one or more fillscreen window(s) on a screen and one or more 
> floating window(s) on a screen and is using <mod1> Tab, or <mod1> j and 
> <mod1> k to cycle focus between the windows, is there a way to have each 
> window moved to the top when it receives focus.  When I do so if I, for 
> example, have a floating window and a fullcreen window and the floating 
> window is in front of the full screen window when I hit <mod1> Tab, the 
> focus switches to the fullscreen window, but the floating window stays in 
> front of it so I can't see all of the fullscreen window.

This is a flaw in the current fullscreen tiling model. It
currently doesn't track focus in the tile and floating layers
separately, so you see these "reordering" effects when using floating
and fullscreen layouts.


The initial solution turned out to be too complicated, and its rare
enough that we somehow haven't gotten around to attacking it again.

-- Don

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