[xmonad] Possilbe Bug: Wrong frame got focus when switching workspaces

Dominik Bruhn dominik at dbruhn.de
Sat May 10 17:07:39 EDT 2008

im not sure if this is a bug, a configuration issue or nothing of this:

How to reproduce:
1. Get a "Tall" Layout on one workspace (say workspace 1) and open at least two
2. Move the mouse over on of the Windows on the first workspace (take the left
one). Let the pointer stay there.
3. Switch to another workspace. 
4. Move the pointer to the right so that it will be over the second window (the
right one) if you switch back
5. Switch back to the first workspace.

What is expected:
The right window should be focused.

What happens:
The left window still has the focus as long as you dont move the mouse out of
the right window and into it again the focus stays on the left window.

Does anybody understand what I want to tell?

Thanks anyway.
Dominik Bruhn
mailto: dominik at dbruhn.de
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