[xmonad] keynav: mouseless X11 navigation

Anze Slosar anze at berkeley.edu
Fri May 9 19:37:12 EDT 2008

>   "keynav is geared towards selecting a piece of the screen very quickly."
>   "You select a piece of the screen. The screen is initially wholely
>   selected. One move will cut that region by half. A move is a
>   direction: up, down, left, and right.

Umm, but this is not quite what I want. Because, you are not going to 
click on OK using that, right? You can stick to keyboard by focusing the 
window and then pressing Alt-o. So what I'would like to see implemented in 
xmonad would be to use say Mod+Numeric 9 to select whatever window sits in 
the upper right corner, Mod+Numeric 7 for left corner, Mod+numeric 5 for 
most central window, mod+numeric 6, for right central window, etc. When 
you have too many windows, this is often ambigous so you select one by 
some sort of heuristics... But even on my 30" screen, I rarely have more 
than 4-6 windows on any given desktop... The idea is that often you want 
to focus "that window up there" rather than window #3, so some sort of 
graphical intuition from buttons will be helpful (that is the entire point 
of mouse after all)...


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