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Jesús Guerrero i92guboj at terra.es
Fri Jun 13 01:36:21 EDT 2008

On Fri, 13 Jun 2008 00:44:28 -0400
Braden Shepherdson <Braden.Shepherdson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jesús Guerrero wrote:
> > And, a bit off-topic, but related still: is there a way to tell xmonad
> > the desired size and position for a floated window?
> > 
> Using a ManageHook, indeed yes. This will work only when the window is 
> spawned, of course, since that's the only time ManageHooks are called.
> XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers contains a function called doRectFloat. It 
> works like the core doFloat ManageHook, but you specify an 
> XMonad.StackSet.RationalRect to give its position and size as a fraction 
> of the screen size.
> For an example, see XMonad.Util.Scratchpad, the module for which I wrote 
> doRectFloat.

That's exactly what I needed, wonderful. After a couple of minutes I got it.

For example:

myManageHook = composeAll
	[ [...snip...]
	, resource =? "alsamixer" --> doRectFloat alsamixerRect
		alsamixerRect = W.RationalRect 0.8 0.0 0.2 0.3

Perfect for my needs. I have some more questions but I will look around a bit
more before spamming the lists. Thanks for all the assistance.
Jesús Guerrero <i92guboj at terra.es>
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