[xmonad] Re: A New Solution to Removing the GHC Dependency

Miernik public at public.miernik.name
Tue Jul 22 05:31:37 EDT 2008

Braden Shepherdson <Braden.Shepherdson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Requiring GHC as a dependency is a real drag on evangelizing xmonad,
> and for adoption.

This is perfectly true. Someone here said that "124 MB is not a lot, are
you sure its a problem?". Well, it bloody is, its just killing the idea
of using a light window manager. If I wanted to scuk 124 MB just to
manage my windows, I would install Gnome or KDE. I am in the market for
lightweight tiling window managers, because I like to keep my software
light. So far in my life since about 2004 I have gone the path:

ion -> ratpoison -> wmii -> xmonad

My main requirement is that is must not depend on the mouse, and wmii
has some things you can only do with the mouse, like moving floating
windows, which is unacceptable to me. But now I see, that to configure
xmonad I need to install a huge new programming language which I would
not use for anything else, so I think I'll try awesome. I might go back
to wmii some time in the future, once the things that you can only do
with the mouse now, are doable with the keyboard.


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