[xmonad] Xmonad 0.5 + Gnome

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
Thu Jan 3 15:20:44 EST 2008

On Jan 3, 2008, at 14:40 , Don Stewart wrote:

> allbery:
>> On Dec 29, 2007, at 23:47 , Jevin Maltais wrote:
>>> The instructions are out of date; use the EwmhDesktops extension if
>> you want to run a panel or dock, whether Gnome, KDE, or  
>> standalone.   \

I should mention this was only half right; also need ManageDocks  
extension.  (What can I say, I don't run Gnome, nor do I run fancy  
panels in xmonad :)

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