[xmonad] Xmonad 0.5 + Gnome

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Jan 3 14:40:12 EST 2008

> On Dec 29, 2007, at 23:47 , Jevin Maltais wrote:
> >So I'd like to be Xmonad to replace metacity in gnome.  I've read (and
> >tried) the instructions over at: http://xmonad.org/gnome.html which is
> >a great write-up.  Unfortunately however, I just can't get it to fly
> >with gnome.
> >
> >setting WINDOW_MANGER="/home/jevin/bin/xmonad" gets me gnome + xmonad
> >but the gnome-panel is why weird on workspace 1 and simply does not
> >appear on the other workspaces.  Attached is the result.
> The instructions are out of date; use the EwmhDesktops extension if  
> you want to run a panel or dock, whether Gnome, KDE, or standalone.   
> (defaultGaps and the manageHook were a bit of a hack and broke if  
> e.g. the panel tried to display a dialog box; EwmhDesktops does it  
> correctly.)

Can someone familiar with gnome either update that document,
or move its contents to the wiki, so it can be updated by others, then?

-- Don

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