[xmonad] Proposal: Advanced Scratchpad-Features

Dominik Bruhn dominik at dbruhn.de
Thu Feb 28 09:41:50 EST 2008

I recently found the Scratchpad on the Mailinglist (thanks, Braden for this).
But, im missing two features:
1. Is it possible to hide the scratchpad (not close, only hide) with the same
hotkey? So if I press the Hotkey once the scratchpad apears and another hit it
disapears and I can recall it with the same hotkey.
2. Can the scratchpad made visible on all workspaces? So if I switch my
workspace it stays visilbe and I can recall (with 1.) the same scratchpad

The reason for this is: I want to start a musicplayer (mocp or something like
this) in the scratchpad and want to view it on every workspace im on.

Is this possible?

Dominik Bruhn
mailto: dominik at dbruhn.de
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