[xmonad] Bug report for xemacs under xmonad

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Feb 28 19:06:28 EST 2008

> Hello,
> I just want to let you know that I submitted a bug report to xemacs
> about the resize problem under xmonad:
> http://tracker.xemacs.org/XEmacs/its/issue310
> It seems like this bug is fixed in xemacs-21.5. (However 21.5 is a
> beta release which is not yet in Gentoo so I can't easily check if it
> actually works.)
> regards,
> Bas

Yay, thanks!

Making clients play better with dynamic resizing is important for
the long term support for tiling wms. And its through people
complaining/reporting back to client authors that things improve.

Good work.

-- Don

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