[xmonad] my repositories

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Feb 24 14:05:31 EST 2008

> Hi,
> while talking with Roman it came up the problem of applying patches
> from the mailing list.
> I understand it, and I understand that sending patches to the mailing
> list, when you have write access to the repository, should be avoided
> when possible.
> Unfortunately the last issues to be solved require core support:
> 1. the way Combo handles focus interacts not very well with keayboard
>    window move/resize. This is a known issue, and David sent a
>    proposal for nested stacks.[1] As far as I know no comments or
>    follow up were posted by core developers;
> 2. PerWorkspace doesn't implement emptyLayout (and has some other
>    issues). This requires some core support. Brent sent a proposal for
>    that support [2] and a new PerWorkspace implementation [3] but, as
>    far as I know, no comments or follow up were posted by core
>    developers; I also sent my proposal, as you know. But this was just
>    2 days ago;
> 3. Issue #111: my first proposal for just 3 days old, so we will have
>    to wait a few weeks before start complaining for delays in its
>    review.
> While I find strange the fact that half of the members of what is
> called the "xmonad team" are forced to run patched versions of xmonad
> (and not to develop new features, but just to run the features they
> have been coding for), still this is the case.

When you have a stable, concise and clear patch to the core, and a good
argument for its inclusion, do let Spencer or I know, so it can go in.

You also need to be clear when you're asking for a patch to core, so it 
doesn't get lost in the noise. 

Also, developing in your own branch is the usual practice, and we've
been doing that since day 1, in order to keep xmonad stable. Thanks for
helping with this process.

-- Don

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