[xmonad] my repositories

David Chanters david.chanters at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 24 16:08:35 EST 2008

On 24/02/2008, Don Stewart <dons at galois.com> wrote:
> When you have a stable, concise and clear patch to the core, and a good
>  argument for its inclusion, do let Spencer or I know, so it can go in.
>  You also need to be clear when you're asking for a patch to core, so it
>  doesn't get lost in the noise.
>  Also, developing in your own branch is the usual practice, and we've
>  been doing that since day 1, in order to keep xmonad stable. Thanks for
>  helping with this process.

i agree.  this way i don't have to worry about ignoring a patchset
which is what i have had to with every patchset Andrea is sent in.
pathetic and annoying, so tracking this should be easier.


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