[xmonad] Issue 125 in xmonad: Tabbed layout not working anymore

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Fri Feb 1 14:53:47 EST 2008

Issue 125: Tabbed layout not working anymore

Comment #17 by andrea.rossato:
I came to the conclusion that WindowRemover should be mover to XMonad.Layout.Tabbed,
and not exported. It should just be used for that kind of special type 
of layou
tabbed it.

This way we have an implementation of both that specific idea of a 
tabbed layout
where tabs represent not visible windows, and the one where a tabbed 
layout is a
stack of windows with visible lables. The user will chose one, and will 
know that,
while the second is composable, the first may be not (which means it 
also can: for
instance, I believe that verticalReflect should work with both)

ps did you ever try applying Reflect to tabbed? reflectHorizontal is 
just messy, but
vertical will place tabs at the bottom. If you use the WindowArranger, 
keep in mind
that vertical actions must be reversed.

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