[xmonad] Re: Dropped patches

Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva marcot at riseup.net
Thu Aug 28 22:15:03 EDT 2008

Em Qui, 2008-08-28 às 15:09 -0600, Justin Bogner escreveu:
> Gwern Branwen <gwern0 at gmail.com> writes:
> > * "darcs patch: Improvements in documentation (and 3 more)"
> > ** "XMonad.Actions.Plane: removed unneeded hiding"
> > ** "XMonad.Config.Gnome: using XMonad.Actions.Plane"
> > ** "XMonad.Actions.Plane.planeKeys: function to make easier to configure"
> > <http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/xmonad/2008-July/006064.html>
> > Applicable. No discussion. (Poor Marco! Counting his Xmonad patch, that makes 5 or so patches that just got ignored.)
> >
> I think the problem here was probably that there are four patches in
> that set, and one of them seems dubious (Plane seems like a user
> preference, not something to default for all Gnome users). The other
> three patches in that set look okay to me.

Isn't it possible to apply just the 3 others?  If not, maybe I should
resend then.

About the other one, I don't think using gnome-terminal, and M-p to
gnomeRun and M-Q to gnome-session-save --kill is a default to all Gnome
users.  I think they're a possible configuration to have a good
interface with GNOME.  The default way Metacity handles workspaces is
very similar to Plane, so I thought that users coming from Metacity
would enjoy having similar key bindings for workspace navigation.


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