[Xmonad] Issue 50 in xmonad: OS X + unclutter == rare "focus lock"

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Wed Oct 3 00:49:15 EDT 2007

Issue 50: OS X + unclutter == rare "focus lock"

Comment #1 by m... at twifkak.com:
D'oh! I forgot to add a couple of important steps:
0. Configure xmonad with a keybinding to spawn "killall unclutter; 
unclutter" or have
dmenu installed and keybound.
4 1/2. Without mousing, restart unclutter (as Step 4 tends to confuse it).

That contrived enough? Also probably of note is that after step 4, my 
mouse cursor is
as if the root window had focus (e.g. the cool little X instead of the 
xterm I beam).

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