[Xmonad] Issue 50 in xmonad: OS X + unclutter == rare "focus lock"

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Wed Oct 3 00:30:55 EDT 2007

Issue 50: OS X + unclutter == rare "focus lock"

New issue report by m... at twifkak.com:
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Use Apple's X11 in "full screen mode," with xmonad as your WM.
2. Have two windows open, with the focus and the mouse cursor on the first.
3. Run `unclutter &`.
4. Hit Alt-Cmd-A to exit full screen mode, and again to reenter.
5. Wait for unclutter to kick in.
6. Notice that focus shifts to the second, and mod-j/k don't do jack.
(Well, they try -- you can see the red box flicker.)

Wiggling the mouse cursor wakes it up and all is well.

This is against darcs' latest (trunk?) as of now.

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