[Xmonad] Howtos wanted: Configuring xmonad with display managers

Stepan Golosunov stepan at golosunov.pp.ru
Sun Jun 3 02:44:09 EDT 2007

02.06.2007 в 12:01:34 -0600 Jason Creighton написал:
> Is anybody running [xgk]dm with xmonad? If so, how? Please post your
> answer here, stating what distro you're running (is anybody running
> xmonad on something other than Linux?) and we'll compile the answers and
> put them up on the webpage. Or maybe there needs to be an xmonad wiki or
> something.

I am running xmonad on Debian with xdm from ~/.xsession which contains:

if [ -d ~/bin ]; then
  export PATH
xmodmap -e 'add mod4 = Super_L' -e 'add mod4 = Super_R'
exec xmonad

Also, xmonad does not properly handle its children exiting, so I have
to start programs as "(urxvt&)" instead of "urxvt&" to prevent them
from becoming zombies (or I could just remove "exec").

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