[Xmonad] scripting xmonad externally?

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Jul 23 22:13:38 EDT 2007

> I've primarily been a ratpoison user for years, with a dalliance with wmii for a
> few months. I tried Xmonad over the weekend. Very nice work.
> The thing I'm most missing from ratpoison and wmii is an external api, which
> makes them extensible from external programs (and any language.) Executing
> "ratpoison -c <ratpoison-command>" issues the command to the running ratpoison
> instance. wmii has a Plan 9 interface, driven by reading to and writing from
> particular places in a virtual filesystem. Third-party wrappers of these
> facilitate scripting in various languages.
> Are there any plans to offer such an interface in Xmonad in the future (or am I
> being a dolt and it's already possible and I've just missed it)? 
> Here are some of the things that have resulted from the interfaces for the
> others:
> http://eigenclass.org/hiki.rb?wmii+ruby
> http://ratpoison.antidesktop.net/cgi-bin/wiki/Scripts

There's the Command.hs interface in the contrib module, used for some of
this. At the moment I don't think there's any plan to embed a scripting
language directly in xmonad: far better to extend Commands.hs to say,
use ghc-api, to allow arbitrary haskell extension if you want it.

-- Don

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