[Xmonad] scripting xmonad externally?

Zed Lopez gmane.xmonad.zed2323 at xoxy.net
Mon Jul 23 14:44:15 EDT 2007

I've primarily been a ratpoison user for years, with a dalliance with wmii for a
few months. I tried Xmonad over the weekend. Very nice work.

The thing I'm most missing from ratpoison and wmii is an external api, which
makes them extensible from external programs (and any language.) Executing
"ratpoison -c <ratpoison-command>" issues the command to the running ratpoison
instance. wmii has a Plan 9 interface, driven by reading to and writing from
particular places in a virtual filesystem. Third-party wrappers of these
facilitate scripting in various languages.

Are there any plans to offer such an interface in Xmonad in the future (or am I
being a dolt and it's already possible and I've just missed it)? 

Here are some of the things that have resulted from the interfaces for the


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