[xmonad] Issue 43 in xmonad: Call setlocale at startup

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Wed Dec 26 12:28:58 EST 2007

Issue 43: Call setlocale at startup

Comment #3 by m... at jansb.org:
While it is true that xmonad itself doesn't use X to draw strings, it 
uses a lot of
other locale dependent functions. It prints logging information, it 
fetches window
names, it uses system functions like executeFile and others, which 
accept strings
which need to be converted to the locale encoding. Currently these 
functions rely on
undefined or implementation dependent behaviour and is unlikely to work 
unless you
use ascii only. Calling setlocale at start-up is necessary but not 
sufficient to fix
these bugs.

That said, you can close the bug if you want. I agree that calling 
setlocale alone is
not particularly useful anymore now that xmonad proper does so much 
more than it used to.

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