[xmonad] xmonad user survey!

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Sun Dec 23 18:45:56 EST 2007

Sam Danielson wrote:
> Thanks to all who contribute. Xmonad is my currently WM of choice.
>>     * What things annoy you?
> Start a program on one workspace and have it pop up later on another
> due to startup delay. This happens in every WM I have used.

hear, hear!  Also I want a way to say, e.g. from command-line, which 
workspace I want a (program's) window(s) to appear in... which maybe 
exists already and I just haven't found it?

>>     * What things do you like?

Tiling.  Reliability.  I guess being a non-sucky tiling WM, though I 
never tried any of the others.  (even if I did originally find out about 
xmonad because of being a Haskell person, and have always ended up using 
a darcs version when I upgrade because of important fixes/features since 
the last release: reliability even of development versions that compile!)

>>     * What things are missing?

Currently I don't have an easy way to find out what a window has put in 
its "title bar"... again, maybe I just haven't looked.

remember my grumbling about the borders on the edge of the screen?  I'm 
sure there are at least several ways to work around this one by now... I 
think perhaps I would currently enjoy 2-pixel-wide borders for window 
edges that are not on the edge of the screen (for a total of 4 pixels 
between 2 windows), and no border against the edge of the screen. 
Allows fullscreen and mouse-moving-to-edge-of-screen quite easily, while 
   making clear which window is active (assuming the selected and 
unselected window border colors are clear and bright enough - I might 
change the unfocused-color)

Maybe a way to lock the mouse within the boundaries of the current 
window?  Is it possible even to save a different cursor-position 
per-workspace? (or even per-window?)

Sometimes I am surprised which pane is selected, because often the mouse 
being on a window means it's selected, but after switching workspaces, 
sometimes I come back and the mouse is over a window but I have to move 
the mouse across and back in order to re-enable its window-selecting 
behavior.  Not sure there's an easy way to fix this, except involving 
changing my own behavior habits

Having to research about statusbars to get them working... etc, etc.. 
but those are good things to learn anyway.  Perhaps "how-to" 
documentation is a little short (or hard-to-find).  Customizing 
(config-file hacking) feels a little harder now that there's no 
config-file to start with, and it starts empty.

Cabal/cabal-install being perfected ;-)

Kudos all for a great WM!


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