[xmonad] xmonad user survey!

Tim Schumacher tim at we-are-teh-b.org
Sun Dec 23 16:52:56 EST 2007

At Sat, 22 Dec 2007 21:47:34 -0800,
Don Stewart wrote:

>     * What things annoy you?

Hmm, there is nothing real that annoys me on xmonad. One point maybe
that I dont know so much about xmonad as I want to :).

>     * What things do you like?

I like the tilling and the very good floating handling. Another point
is the very good community, all people in #xmonad are very nice.

>     * What things can be done better?

Dont know :).

>     * What things are missing?

Nothing yet.

>     * What things do you     miss from ion/wmii/dwm/compiz

maybe some blingbling ;)

>     * What things do you not miss from ion/wmii/dwm/compiz ... :)

Dunno, never used these.

Before I switched to xmonad I used Metacity, KWin or explorer.exe and
didnt knew how great it is to use a tilling window manager. I tried
dwm and ion3 but xmonad was the best, since the community was great
and the configuration wasnt so tough.

Keep on rockin guys.


It's not that afraid to die. I just don`t wat to be there when it
		-- Woody Allen

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