[xmonad] questions about dzen and xmonad

Nathan Huesken xmonad at lonely-star.org
Wed Dec 12 16:44:14 EST 2007

Hello together,

I have 2 questions about dzen and xmonad:

I have posted this question in the archlinux forum
but I think this mailing list is a better place.

I want to use dzen under xmonad and let it show the active workspace as
well as some extra information (like the output of some script).
xmonad | dzen2

(and some entries in xmonad.hs) I get the workspaces.

gcpubar | dzen2

I get a nice cpu meter.
But how can I get both?

I have a xinerama dual screen setup.
How can I get seperate dzen bars on my both of my screens?
Each showing which workspace is active there?


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