[xmonad] questions about dzen and xmonad

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Dec 12 17:16:54 EST 2007

> Hello together,
> I have 2 questions about dzen and xmonad:
> 1)
> I have posted this question in the archlinux forum
> (http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=307131#p307131)
> but I think this mailing list is a better place.
> I want to use dzen under xmonad and let it show the active workspace as
> well as some extra information (like the output of some script).
> With
> xmonad | dzen2
> (and some entries in xmonad.hs) I get the workspaces.
> With
> gcpubar | dzen2
> I get a nice cpu meter.
> But how can I get both?

dzen doesn't multiplex, as far as I know, so the trick is to launch two
dzens, with specified width and geometry.

xmobar does multiplex, so you could try that instead.

> 2)
> I have a xinerama dual screen setup.
> How can I get seperate dzen bars on my both of my screens?
> Each showing which workspace is active there?

You should be able to set the screen and geometry for dzen on the
command line I think. To show which workspace is active on which screen,
you'll need a custom log hook, that prints to two handles, or tags
output with which screen it is for, and then your dzens should filter
which tagged strings they're interested in.

Should be doable in a couple of lines.

-- Don

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