[Xmonad] xmonad noob greetings

alexandre ac007 at bluewin.ch
Thu Aug 9 11:27:12 EDT 2007

Hi there, new xmonad user here ! I've been using and customizing it for
the last 3 days. I like it very much and i think it's going to be my wm
for the next decades... unless you drop devs or change license ? (My
ion3 syndrom again, never mind ;-) So, this little word to say a big
thank you for this great WM. I like everything about its design :
unbloated, clever, vim oriented keybindings (although i guess emacs
users can easyly make it to their taste), etc. Not to mention Haskell !
I'm not a developper but i learn Haskel and it's the first time i have
pleasure doing so. Beautifull language ! I'll never try to learn C again :)

The only thing i miss, so far, from ion3, is the ability to have
non-dynamic layouts and the ability to call layouts by name, in order to
bind them to a key. Some layouts are cool but only for some
applications. Cycling through rarely used layouts is not convenient. I
was also used to pop the scratchpad which i miss a little, but the more
i do things the xmonad way, the less i feel the need for it. The only
problem i had so far is with a JAVA/Swing application (blank window),
but the solution
http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.xmonad/961 googled

Anyway, my gratitude and my compliments to people involved in Xmonad


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