[Xmonad] Re: Switching focus without pulling hidden windows into the foreground

Tassilo Horn tassilo at member.fsf.org
Wed Aug 1 16:19:15 EDT 2007

David Roundy <droundy at darcs.net> writes:

Hi David,

>> Is it possible to switch focus only between visible windows without
>> pulling hidden ones into the foreground?
> It'd be an easy extension to write, but imagine it would be specific
> to the TwoPane layout, since I don't see how this could be implemented
> using the actual property of "switch focus between visible" windows.

Currently the TwoPane layout is the only layout that has hidden windows
and multiple visible windows, so it wouldn't be a too big problem if it
was specific to that layout.

> Instead it'd be "switch focus between the first two windows".

So xmonad doesn't know what windows are visible and which one are


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