[core libraries] Re: haskell/bytestring stalled?

Simon Jakobi simon.jakobi at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 13 14:25:32 UTC 2020

Am So., 12. Jan. 2020 um 09:32 Uhr schrieb George Wilson <george at wils.online>:
> According to this [table], bytestring is a boot library, so by reason
> 3 listed in  [libraries], I believe bytestring already comes under the
> CLC. In that case, the latter page should be updated.

Thanks George, that's an interesting perspective!

Edward, as the CLC Chair, can you confirm that the CLC in fact
maintains the bytestring library, or clarify what the status of
bytestring in the core libraries is?

> [...] I too am
> interested in whether Duncan and Herbert would find another maintainer
> helpful.

In a brief private email exchange Herbert mentioned that due to
bytestring's critical importance to the ecosystem, Duncan and him
don't want others to make important decisions on bytestring or take
care of the release management.

I think that's rather understandable. IMHO these requirements should
be compatible with some kind of "co-maintainer" role – I have a
similar arrangement with Heinrich Apfelmus regarding the maintenance
of threepenny-gui.

Here's a sketch of what I imagine such a co-maintainer arrangement
could look like in bytestring:

* A co-maintainer cannot upload to Hackage, leaving that to Duncan or Herbert.

* A co-maintainer can merge non-breaking changes – after waiting for a
certain feedback period in the case of user-facing changes.

* A co-maintainer can also help prepare breaking changes and other
important decisions, but would have to leave the final decision to
Duncan, Herbert and, as necessary, the CLC.

IMHO such an arrangement could greatly improve the current situation,
and hopefully allow Herbert and Duncan to focus on the most important
decisions, where their expertise is needed the most.

Herbert, Duncan, what do you think about this idea of a adding a
"co-maintainer"? Would you require any changes to the arrangement to
make it work for you?

Of course, we still need to find one or more good candidates for the
role – is anyone interested?


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