Selection Monad

Jakub Daniel jakub.daniel at
Tue Jan 24 13:57:08 UTC 2017


I apologize in case this is not the right place to bring this
question/proposal up. Some time ago I stumbled upon the Selection Monad [1]
(also referred to as Search from the search package on hackage). Its
relation to the Continuation Monad and the usefulness demonstrated in [1]
made me wonder whether it would be nice to include Selection Monad in the
core libraries along the Continuation Monad (in mtl and transformers) with
all the business of selections attaining continuations. I can imagine the
pattern to be too little recognised to justify such an addition, yet the
theoretical connection to the Continuation Monad seems to be an interesting
one and worth being addressed.


Jakub Daniel

[1] Jules Hedges. *Monad transformers for backtracking search*. In *Proceedings
of MSFP 2014. *
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