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Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 23:26:28 UTC 2013

It wasn't my intention to open up the whole question of scheduled releases.
HP has a regular release schedule, and there were many good discussions
leading up to it. As for the timing of those releases, last time we looked
into this there was no good release time that worked for all the common
Linux distro's release schedules. Perhaps GNOME has figured this one out -
they release stable end of September and end of March. We could aim to
glide toward that.

Back to this release:

GHC 7.8 won't be ready for inclusion in an HP for quite some time. We
haven't even seen the first release yet! If it has stabilized by end of
February, then it could make it into the next HP (assuming we don't move
the schedule up to match GNOME).  But I think realistically, one shouldn't
expect a GHC 7.8 as part of an HP release until 2014.4.0.0. *[Aside: If the
community wants to see closer tracking, then we probably need to start
talking about a different way of producing GHC - with both stable and
experimental releases happening... when this idea has been raised in the
past, GHC central hasn't had the person-power to do it.]*
The next Mac OS X is indeed right around the corner (no official date from
Apple, just "this Autumn") - the GM release candidate of both OS X
Mavericks and Xcode 5 are already in developers (and my) hands. My
understanding is that current HP just won't work on it - which means we
really should get something out to support it.

SO, back to concrete ideas:

*A) Minor release*

*• Minor rev:* since GHC and most packages haven't changed, and we won't be
adding anything, just roll it as normal now.
*• Bump for Mac:* immediately after, roll HP 2013.4.1.0 which has GHC 7.6.3
+ patches (perhaps named 7.6.4?), so this works w/Xcode 5

*B) Delay release*

*• New packages:* running the normal process, just a month late

*• Bump for Mac: *get GHC central to put out 7.6.4 which has what is needed
to support Xcode 5

*C) Skip a release*

*• Go for 7.8:* push everyone (GHC central, library maintainers) to get 7.8
stable ASAP

*• Big Push for Packages:* use the time to push for a significant increase
in the packages in the Platform

*• Release in March: *aiming to sync with GNOME, assuming they're on to

As attractive as some aspects of C are, it leaves anyone with a Mac out in
the cold for six months: They either can't upgrade, or can't Haskell.

A requires duplicate effort (mostly on my part), but is otherwise
mechanical... and not that exciting.

B deviates from our schedule, but if GHC can roll a 7.6.4, might get us an
HP with some new packages.

— Mark
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