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Ian Lynagh ian at
Sat May 25 15:54:12 CEST 2013

> responsible for maintenance, can make decisions, but is still bound
> by the votes on library proposals.

Just to clarify the current libraries process:

A few people have used the word "vote", but we don't vote on library
proposals. If we wanted to change that then we would first need to
answer the question of who was elligible to vote.

There is some clarification on this in
For example:

    Proposals that have widespread support, and are accompanied by
    patches (preferably with tests and documentation), should normally
    be accepted by the maintainer.

    It is up to the maintainer to decide what "widespread" means; in
    particular, it does not always mean "a majority of those who
    responded". The majority-responder story is vulnerable to selection
    bias; e.g. 7 people (out of a client base of hundreds) say "add this
    function" but the maintainer thinks it will make the interface
    incrementally more complicated without sufficient benefit. 


    The maintainer still has ultimate say in what changes are made, but
    the community should have the opportunity to comment on changes.
    However, unanimity (or even a majority) is not required.

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