Network library broken on Windows with GHC 6.12rc1

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Oct 22 12:50:31 EDT 2009

This is exactly what the Haskell platform is for.

*         GHC HQ releases 6.12.  No ordinary user should use it yet!

*         Library authors test their libraries against 6.12 and hands them off to the Haskell Platform group

*         The Haskell Platform group tests all the libraries together, on all platforms, blesses them and releases HP

*         Then, and only then, do ordinary users download HP, and thereby get 6.12 + libraries, just as Neil wants

Presumably the HP release (currently scheduled for March 2010) will be held up until Network works on all platforms.

So, not heresy Neil.  The thing you want is the Haskell platform.


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Given that the Network library is so critical, and so environment/compiler dependent, it worries me that the maintainer doesn't have access to Windows and that there isn't a buildbot service running anywhere. Network is a very key Haskell library, and it being broken stops me from testing GHC :-(. I know it's heresy to suggest libraries get rebundled with GHC, but it would be great from my perspective!



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