Network library broken on Windows with GHC 6.12rc1

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Thu Oct 22 12:59:22 EDT 2009


Thanks for filing the bug report.

I did have a Windows setup but I haven't had time to set it all up
again on my new laptop (read: it's a pain). There is a buildbot
building the network package (I believe Ian added the repo to the list
of repos to build). However, it doesn't provide reports in any
convenient format so I have to remember to check it manually from time
to time.

Bryan has access to a Windows machine and has been doing most of the
Windows related changes.

Patches welcome.

-- Johan

P.S. The network package is a mess. Full of ifdefs, has no tests and
is prone to breakage. I've started looking into how it could be made
better but I don't have time for any major hacking at the moment.

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