Network library broken on Windows with GHC 6.12rc1

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Thu Oct 22 12:45:37 EDT 2009


Given that the Network library is so critical, and so environment/compiler  
dependent, it worries me that the maintainer doesn't have access to Windows  
and that there isn'ta buildbot service running anywhere. Network is a very  
key Haskell library, and it being broken stops me from testing GHC :-(. I  
know it's heresy to suggest libraries get rebundled with GHC, but it would  
be great from my perspective!



On 22 Oct 2009 15:07, Johan Tibell <johan.tibell at> wrote:
> Hi Neil,

> Thanks for the bug report. Could you please cut-n-paste it into

> so that it gets properly tracked? I

> could do it myself but it makes things easier to track if the original

> reporter (ie you) is also the reporter in trac.

> I currently find myself without a working Windows setup. I'll try to

> get Parallels working on OS X as soon as I get back from my trip but I

> could really need some help debugging the issue. There are no recent

> changes that touch the Windows side of things in so I wonder

> if the breakage isn't due to some change in GHC.

> Thanks,

> Johan

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