Patch to register XmlSyntax and RegularPatterns as known extensions

Niklas Broberg niklas.broberg at
Thu May 28 18:44:14 EDT 2009

> +  -- | Allow concrete XML syntax to be used in expressions and
> patterns,
> +  -- as per the Haskell Server Pages extension language:
> +  -- <>. The ideas behind it are
> +  -- discussed in this paper:
> +  -- <>
> +  | XmlSyntax
> +
> +  -- | Allow regular pattern matching over lists, as discussed in the
> +  -- following paper: <>
> +  | RegularPatterns
> Are these papers available publicly anywhere? If so perhaps we should
> link to those instead. The ACM links do not give full text access except
> to registered users/institutions.

Well, I have them on my own webpage, the reason I didn't link to that
was that our department is going through a system reorganisation and
those links won't be valid for more than a few months longer. I could
of course submit a new patch later, but I'd really prefer to link to a
central location that wouldn't require another patch from me each time
I move somewhere. ACM seemed to me to be the most stable place that
also provides the full text, if only to registered people.

It seems I can upload the papers to Chalmers' central publication
library, but it is a bit of a hassle...



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