#60: Set up Platform Committee to decide Add/Remove decisions]

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Jun 15 11:17:25 EDT 2009

I think Sven makes a good point:

    * if people use it, it should be in the platform

That is one of many heuristics we hope to use to decide inclusion.

The "but *I* don't use it" argument isn't sound - you would have to show
that it is not used by many.

-- Don

> FWD to libraries, where the policy discussions will take place.
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> Subject: Re: [haskell-platform] #60: Set up Platform Committee to decide
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> Just a small remark here: The Platform Committee should seriously take the 
> main goal of the HP into consideration, i.e. providing a 1-click-installation 
> resulting in a compiler and tools plus a nice, usable set of libraries for 
> various platforms. Throwing out everything which might lead to trouble at 
> compilation time is completely the wrong way. Having trouble (and solving it) 
> is the main task of people involved in the HP! Only providing packages which 
> are extremely trivial to install (like mtl or html) doesn't help the end user 
> at all. Apart from the boring, mostly academic stuff end users expect shiny 
> things like support for GUIs, graphics and sound. Take the HP and ask 
> yourself: What applications can I program with it alone which I can show to 
> friends to convince them about the usefulness of Haskell? Monad transformers 
> and software transactional memory will convince only very few people, so we 
> really need *more* packages in the HP, not less...
> Cheers,
>    S.
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