Why isn’t (>>>) a method?

Henrik Nilsson nhn at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Wed Nov 26 10:54:50 EST 2008

Hi all,

I just want to support Wolfgang here.

These changes (the new Category/Arrow solution) passed me by completely
(too many other things to do).

But I can't really see any strong reason for breaking backwards
compatibility here by not sticking with (>>>) as a method?

In fact, given that Category interferes with the standard
prelude, I wonder if it was considered making (<<<) and (>>>) and
"identity" methods of Category, leaving (.) and "id"

Such a design would have been beneficial for a library like Yampa,
would have minimized backwards compatibility issues, and would
have simplified life for end users (saves them from hiding the
prelude "id" and (.).



Henrik Nilsson
School of Computer Science
The University of Nottingham
nhn at cs.nott.ac.uk

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