Package spam :-)

Jean-Philippe Bernardy bernardy at
Fri Jun 20 04:01:29 EDT 2008

> For what it's worth, I'm the one who suggested to Gwern that he update the
> cabal stuff for collections. Someone had remarked that there was no good way
> to make use of various collection types in the standard libraries, and I knew
> that the collections package on hackage took steps toward rectifying that.
> But, it didn't build on 6.8, due to what looked like a split-base issue. I
> knew Gwern had experience fixing up cabal-related stuff, so I told him he
> might want to try getting them fixed.

FWIW (again) :

* I think collections-api is a good base to give a uniform API to a
lot of data structures on hackage.
 - It uses FD style though, so one might want to adapt it to AT soon.
(I tried with GHC 6.8 but support was too buggy).
  - In particular, it can be useful to write a polymorphic testing and
benchmarking framework.
* I have no time to maintain collections. As Adrian said before, this
is an unpaid, thankless job, so my motivation went downhill since I
started the project.
* I did not remember that Adrian had reclaimed some parts and uploaded
them separately. Corresponding code in the collections repo should be
removed and the rest adapted to use Adrian's version.
* Hence, I gave a "don't care" signal to Gwern when he proposed
uploading to hackage.

We already discussed this before, but that repository can be
considered orphaned. I'll give pointers to anybody interested in
adopting it.


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