patch applied (packages/regex-base): Make setup script compileagain after recent Cabal changes

Sven Panne sven.panne at
Sat Sep 8 09:09:16 EDT 2007

On Saturday 08 September 2007 13:50, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> I recommend getting over HTTP (starting with
> is even quicker) and then using one of:
> *
> *
> * % cat push-monk
>   #!/bin/sh
>   ./push-all ${1+"$@"}
> I use a mixture of the first and third, depending on whether I can
> remember which repos need to be pushed or not.
> Push is still over SSH, but pull is over HTTP.

Hmmm, I think all this stuff should be at some prominent place in the GHC 
developer Wiki. This seems all very counterintuitive to me and basically a 
collection of random workarounds. :-(

While we are at workarounds: darcs annotate takes ages for even a small file 
like mk/ (around 10min, needing +RTS -K20M to complete), 
resulting in a hardly human-readable format. Is there a better way to find 
out which lines where added by whom/when/why? This is no fun, either, and 
some kind of annotation facility is a crucial part of a VC system...


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