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Jean-Philippe Bernardy jeanphilippe.bernardy at
Sat Jan 14 10:38:25 EST 2006


I'd wish to use Trac to manage my work on the libraries, though I
can't find a subproject or something dedicated to the base package.

Are there plans/policies regarding usage of Trac for libraries ?


On 12/6/05, Simon Marlow <simonmar at> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> We've been meaning to switch bug trackers for some time, and yesterday I
> finally got annoyed enough with SourceForge to do something about it.
> I've imported all our SourceForge tracker data into a new Trac
> installation:
> Not only do we get a faster and more flexible bug tracker, but we also
> get online browsing of the darcs repository (well, for some reason it
> isn't working right now, but I hope to get it fixed).  Also the Trac
> wiki will be a good place to put the User Guide annotations that we've
> been talking about.
> The bug tracker is set up to mail glasgow-haskell-bugs at with
> any and all ticket modifications at the moment; if you're on that list,
> there will probably be an increased volume of mail as we'll be making
> more use of the bug tracker than before.  My feeling is that we don't
> need to create a new mailing list for this, but by all means speak up if
> you disagree.
> The wiki is currently closed because I don't want to have to deal with
> spam.  Use HaWiki for now.
> Developers with an account on please add yourselves as
> users on the Trac, so I can give out permissions to edit tickets.  You
> create a user like this:
>   - log in to
>   - htpasswd /srv/trac/ghc/trac.htpasswd <username>
>   - type your password when prompted
>   - let me know when you've done this
> Cheers,
>         Simon
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