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Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Jan 16 06:35:59 EST 2006

Currently we're using the GHC Trac to track bugs in libraries 
distributed with GHC (there are only a few of these open).

I've put some thought into this, and deciding whether to have one Trac 
instance for all packages or a Trac instance per package is a hard choice.

If we had a Trac per package, then linking between Trac objects (wiki 
pages, tickets, changesets) in different packages is inconvenient, and 
we have to set up the new Trac instance for each package.

Furthermore it would mean that asking for all the bugs in either GHC or 
one of the packages we distribute is going to be painful (we'd have to 
look in about 15 places!).  This will get easier as we distribute fewer 
packages, though.

There are a bunch of things that are per-Trac and we also need to be 

   - repository (Trac only supports a single repo currently)
   - permissions
   - versions/milestones
   - timeline

If we had one Trac for all packages, we would have to:

   - wait for Trac to support multiple repos
   - share Trac permissions across packages
   - add versions of all packages to the 'version' field in
     the tracker.
   - make a pseudo-top-level wiki page for each package

I'd personally be more happy with a single Trac if we could make it 
work, but currently it looks like it would be too ugly.


Jean-Philippe Bernardy wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd wish to use Trac to manage my work on the libraries, though I
> can't find a subproject or something dedicated to the base package.
> Are there plans/policies regarding usage of Trac for libraries ?
> Cheers,
> JP.
> On 12/6/05, Simon Marlow <simonmar at> wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>We've been meaning to switch bug trackers for some time, and yesterday I
>>finally got annoyed enough with SourceForge to do something about it.
>>I've imported all our SourceForge tracker data into a new Trac
>>Not only do we get a faster and more flexible bug tracker, but we also
>>get online browsing of the darcs repository (well, for some reason it
>>isn't working right now, but I hope to get it fixed).  Also the Trac
>>wiki will be a good place to put the User Guide annotations that we've
>>been talking about.
>>The bug tracker is set up to mail glasgow-haskell-bugs at with
>>any and all ticket modifications at the moment; if you're on that list,
>>there will probably be an increased volume of mail as we'll be making
>>more use of the bug tracker than before.  My feeling is that we don't
>>need to create a new mailing list for this, but by all means speak up if
>>you disagree.
>>The wiki is currently closed because I don't want to have to deal with
>>spam.  Use HaWiki for now.
>>Developers with an account on please add yourselves as
>>users on the Trac, so I can give out permissions to edit tickets.  You
>>create a user like this:
>>  - log in to
>>  - htpasswd /srv/trac/ghc/trac.htpasswd <username>
>>  - type your password when prompted
>>  - let me know when you've done this
>>        Simon
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