Cabal compatibility redeux

Isaac Jones isaac.jones at
Mon Jan 9 18:51:56 EST 2006

> I would now like to add to the theoretical arguments I made then the evidence
> that the HSQL driver package for MySQL uses the user hooks of Cabal and I
> have just experienced a case of Cabal version skew breaking a build system,
> because this package will not build for me using Cabal 1.1.3.  I am unsure at
> the moment if this is because my Cabal is too new or too old, and I now face
> the prospect of 1) hacking on the build system to match my cabal, 2) trying
> random cabal upgrades/downgrades or 3) pinging the package maintainers to
> figure out how to build this package.

You should ping the package maintainer.  All Cabal releases since 1.0
have been release candidates for the exact reason that we need to
experiment with the interfaces.  Folks using 1.1.3 or what-have-you
are early adopters who,I believe, are accepting the responsibility of
helping their users when this happens.  Of course I and others on this
list are also happy to help.

I'm very strongly leaning toward writing a compatibility layer between
cabal 1.0 and 1.2 (which I hope to release soon), and I'll read up on
that when I'm ready to make a release and bring up the options here. 
I might bug you for help :)



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