Packages in GHC 6.6

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Aug 23 11:51:17 EDT 2006

On 23 August 2006 14:27, Chris Kuklewicz wrote:

>> I need to add some build system stuff for GHC: Makefile,
>>, and possibly  Instead of the fps
>> dependency, there will be a base>=2.0 dependency (ideally we would
>> have conditional dependencies, but Cabal support for that isn't
>> ready yet). 
> I don't have GHC past 6.4.2, so I'll have to let you do all that.

No problem, I've already started but didn't have time to finish so far.
Hopefully tomorrow.

>> Since time is short, I plan to integrate regex-base, regex-compat and
>> regex-posix today, then I'll pull over any changes you make.  I'll do
>> this by replicating your trl-stable darcs repo and morphing it into
>> each of the smaller repos, that way we don't lose history, and the
>> repo isn't large to begin with.
> "morph"?

As in, just move the files around so that the repo turns into just
regex-base, and similarly for regex-posix etc.

> The oldest version of the repository was "Text.Regex.Lazy" and was an
> unorganized mix of compat/parsec/dfa/devel without any
> base/posix/pcre/tre. 
> The loss of history a this stage would not be too terrible.

Should I just create fresh repos then?  I don't mind either way.


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