ANN: Cabal 0.5 (GHC 6.4 release candidate)

Isaac Jones ijones at
Mon Feb 21 03:54:41 EST 2005

Jens Petersen <petersen at> writes:

> Isaac Jones wrote:
>> This is a release-candidate for 0.6, which will be in GHC 6.4.
> Thanks for the rc release. :)
> It would be nice if cabal allowed more choice or configuration
> of install directories IMHO: in particular libdir comes to
> mind.  

Do you mean more control over where the libraries themselves end up?
Of course, you can use --prefix during configure, but then cabal will
still put things under that prefix in a pre-determined place.  You're
asking for control over exactly where the libraries go?

> Also it would be nice if the default was multilib aware (eg for
> Fedora on x86_64 libdir is "/usr/lib64").

I don't quite understand.  This is for systems where you might have
mixed 32 and 64 bit binaries?  You want cabal to detect this situation
and compile two binaries, or you would just like it to detect the
default libraries location on that target?

> Personally I would like to see ghc libraries at least installed
> under ghc's libdir since their ABI depends on the version of ghc
> they are built with, ie typically under $libdir/ghc-$ghc_version/
> rather than $libdir.

You mean by default, without using the --prefix flag?  That seems
pretty reasonable.



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