Cabal Installing Executables

Dominic Steinitz dominic.steinitz at
Sun Apr 17 04:18:46 EDT 2005

On Saturday 16 Apr 2005 8:57 pm, Isaac Jones wrote:
> >> One final thought: why is there no uninstall?
> >
> > I've requested it too, and the simple answer was because no one's
> > implemented it yet.
> Uninstall is also a little funny because in order to use it you have
> to have the cabal-ized source package around somewhere, and cabal
> doesn't install it.  That said, there's no really deep reason not to
> have it.
What I meant was cabal taking things out of places it puts them. If I've 
downloaded a source somewhere I wouldn't expect cabal to remove that.

For example if /my/chosen/dir/bin now contains the executables put there by 

./Setup configure --prefix=/my/chosen/dir
./Setup build
./Setup install --user

then I would expect

./Setup uninstall

to remove those executables from /my/chosen/dir/bin.
> I filed wishlist bugs for both of these against the debian package
> haskell-cabal, which is where i'm keeping but reports.

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