Cabal Installing Executables

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Apr 17 12:50:48 EDT 2005

Dominic Steinitz <dominic.steinitz at> writes:

> On Saturday 16 Apr 2005 8:57 pm, Isaac Jones wrote:
>> >> One final thought: why is there no uninstall?
>> >
>> > I've requested it too, and the simple answer was because no one's
>> > implemented it yet.
>> Uninstall is also a little funny because in order to use it you have
>> to have the cabal-ized source package around somewhere, and cabal
>> doesn't install it.  That said, there's no really deep reason not to
>> have it.
> What I meant was cabal taking things out of places it puts them. If I've 
> downloaded a source somewhere I wouldn't expect cabal to remove that.

Right, I understand.  What I mean about not installing the source is
this: today you download and install the package, and put the source
in /usr/local/src or something.  Now in 3 weeks you want to install a
new version.  Well, you might like to run uninstall with the new
source, but that's not necessarily going to work, since it doesn't
even know how you configured the source package.

So the right thing to do is to go into /usr/local/src/pkg and run
./setup uninstall there.  So you just have to remember to keep the old
source around and go and run uninstall when you want to.

But I thought maybe this something that a layered tool should do.
Cabal-get (the client-side tool for Hackgae) might download the source
into /usr/local, keep track of the source packages it has swallowed,
and do the job of uninstalling.  So we left it unimplemented until we
get a better idea of what cabal-get will look like.



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