Win32 libraries for Haskell

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Tue Feb 3 11:15:29 EST 2004

The situation seems to be this:

* Sigbjorn is actively maintaining hslibs/win32 for Galois reasons, and
   reluctant to transfer to libraries/win32 because it's untested (I'm
   that the Green-Card dependency is soluble by putting the GC output 
   in the CVS tree).  Fair enough.

* Alastair believes that lilbraries/win32 should work, but cannot
maintain it.
   Fair enough.

* Everyone else would far rather not to have to choose

* The sooner we can dump hslibs/ the better

I'm not sure how to make progress here.  Is anyone else interested or
willing to take ownership of libraries/win32?  (Graham?  Krasimir?)
This isn't a GHC specific thing -- I believe/hope the same libraries
should work equally well for Hugs.


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| hslibs/win32 is being kept compilable & working as our partial Win32
| API binding.
| I've never tried using libraries/Win32; its re-introduction of a
| on GreenCard + its untested nature is why I've been reluctant to go
near it.
| --sigbjorn
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| > Sigbjorn, Sven, Alastair
| >
| > What *is* our story for hslibs/Win32?
| >
| > We're trying to switch over to libraries/.
| >    * Is libraries/Win32 a complete replacement for hslibs/Win32?
| >    * Is it "alive"? (ie. does it work? does anyone use it)
| >
| > Sorry for my ignorance.  It'd be nice to say "don't use hslibs, just
| > libraries".

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