[resend] Web software with Hugs/Windows. Progress!

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Tue Feb 3 10:44:13 EST 2004

> (1) Network.URI
> I've written a new parser, and extended the module interface 
> slightly, thus:


If you'd like to become the maintainer of this module and incorporate
your changes, you're entirely welcome (I'm not using this code actively
at the moment).

You mentioned that there were problems with the existing implementation
- perhaps you could explain further?  As far as I'm aware, the regular
expression and the test cases were taken directly from RFC 2396, and the
implementation was correct at the time - did something change?  The
current testcases are in testsuite/tests/ghc-regress/lib/net/uri001.hs.

> I have some concerns about the way URI strings are 
> reassembled from the 
> component parts using the current URI module interface (e.g. 
> problem with 
> empty fragment handling noted in a previous message).  I 
> think the URI 
> implementation should be changed so that all the punctuation 
> characters 
> ("//", "?", "#", etc.) are stored as part of the component 
> values in a URI 
> structure, but I don't know what impact that might have on 
> existing code.

If that's an unforced change I'd vote to keep the current behaviour, to
avoid breaking code.


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