Win32 libraries for Haskell

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Tue Feb 3 08:07:16 EST 2004

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Subject: Win32 libraries for Haskell

> The situation seems to be this:
> * Sigbjorn is actively maintaining hslibs/win32 for Galois reasons, and
> is
>    reluctant to transfer to libraries/win32 because it's untested (I'm
> assuming
>    that the Green-Card dependency is soluble by putting the GC output
>    in the CVS tree).  Fair enough.

I have no motivation other than it is a useful library used by many.

GreenCard output, and output by the FFI backend in particular,
is pretty clunky(*), so much so that the *.hs files in hslibs/win32 has been
cleaned up quite a bit. Furthermore, GreenCard produces non-reentrant
code, which is why I don't recommend it being used, libraries/Win32 or

hslibs/win32/ doesn't improve on the non-reentrancy problem, btw.


* - having written large chunks of the current GC codebase, I feel
     entitled to criticize it :)

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