Cabal and installing packages.

Keean Schupke k.schupke at
Mon Dec 6 11:14:48 EST 2004

Simon Marlow wrote:

> It was always part of the plan to auto-generate Windows installers (and
>ebuilds, and RPMs, etc. etc.) from Cabal packages, see the proposal: 
>That leaves Solaris out in the cold a bit, because they don't have any
>kind of installer system at all.  However, you can still build from
>source (./Setup.lhs configure; ./Setup.lhs build; ./Setup.lhs install),
>it's not that hard.
solaris does have an install... theres pkgadd.

Still seems like half a dozen or so projects to organise and manage.

It seems that a wrapper program to download the _source_ packages
download dependencies, and call the compile and install scripts would
be simple to write and would improve the interface for such things
greatly. (In other words I might be able to find time to do this, but
not write several different installers for different platforms)...


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