Cabal and installing packages.

Gabriel Ebner ge at
Sat Dec 4 09:09:50 EST 2004

Keean Schupke <k.schupke at> writes:

> But of course writing a generic Haskell installer (for
> Hackage/Cabal) may well turn out to be simpler - and would be more
> useful to more people, and has the advantage that only one set of
> installation instructions are required as well.

I didn't object against having such a tool, -- it's needed for
distributions without package managers (think LFS), Windows, ... -- I
just mentioned that it might (and hopefully will) be possible to
install _any_ of the cabal packages (even if they are not already
packaged by the distro) as distro-native packages without having to
resort to a generic tool.

Aside from that, having a generic version that can (as Simon said)
output package skeletons would help such a cabal emerge tool (and any
other such tool, for that matter) too.

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